What to know about the new directory

This information is for members and regular attenders who wish to be part of the updated photo directory.

New approach for the photo directory

Unlike directories in past years, the new directory will be done entirely in-house, from the compilation to the printing. The beauty of this approach is that the church has full control over the directory production process. In addition, when the need arises to make updates, the edits can be done quickly and easily.

Benefits of the new approach and format

  • Less expensive and time-intensive for all involved.

  • Contact information listed alongside family/individual photos.

  • Easier to read.

  • Easier to update when the need arises.

  • Information in the directory will more seamlessly and accurately overlap with church membership and attendance records.

  • Ability to segment out a group: For instance, a ministry leader can request a directory specifically of people involved in that ministry.

  • Enhanced communication among church members and attenders.

Member-owned business directory information to be included

The new format also allows for the inclusion of directory participants’ businesses and professional services. For instance, if a member has a plumbing business, they can include the contact information of their business in the directory.

Adding this information helps congregation members find trusted professionals who can assist with a need.

How to be included in the directory

All who wish to participate are required to complete each of the following steps.

Step 1: Complete contact information form — include your business or professional service, if applicable

Current church records cannot be used. All participants must fill out the contact information form. Filling out this form also constitutes your consent to have your contact information and photo included in the directory.

You can fill out the form online or at the table in the Foyer on Sunday mornings. This is also the form on which you can include your business or professional services information.

Step 2: Submit, retake or carryover a photo

You may opt to:

  1. Use your photo from the 2015 directory.

  2. Submit your own photo. Smart phone pictures are acceptable. Families should submit one group photo. Email your photo to Kelly Jackson, kelly@nallave.org, by Feb. 17.

  3. Have your photo taken in the photo booth in the Foyer. The booth will be available on Sunday mornings, Feb. 10 and 17.

You will indicate your desired option on your contact information form.

Completed forms and photos are due no later than Sunday, Feb. 17.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Jackson, kelly@nallave.org / 913-432-4141.